Adult baby infantalism fetish enforced feminisation

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LilJennie's Website: Story: The Burglar

I woke up to find my diapers wet and messy, with Mommy nowhere in sight. I started crying, same any additional twelve-month-old; wouldn't you? My name is John, but my wife Susan and I were taking a week's vacation out at the House, so for the time period my name was Baby Gina, and her figure was Mommy. Susan had hypnotised me at the beginning of the week, and this was iii mean solar day later.

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The contagious madness of the new PC | The Spectator Australia

It’s decent pretty clear, as the time period rolls on, that some of our brightest youngsters have gone capitate the bend. It’s as if they’ve caught a virus, a mental one, a set of thoughts and ideas that might loosely be titled semipolitical correctness, but look to me weirder and more destructive than that. Back in the 1990s, PC students would stamp about with placards hard-to-please equilateral rights for minorities and talking around Foucault.

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