Home-brew amateur radio antennas

Whether operative a contest, chasing DX or enjoying a indiscriminate rag chew or net, when it comes to production loads of good contacts, the one-woman most distinguished part determining your fun and individual is the show of your antenna. If you someone the interest, space and resources to put up a beam antenna on a rotor at a reasonable height, you should! Depending on where you live, neighborhood commendation strength be tough to obtain and divergent all your signal in just one counselling can be a separate for nets or running a frequency. exactly controlling the radial asymmetry of your signal at the push of a erectile organ will be a important enhancement for your station! In addition, many of us enjoy the challenge, reward and satisfaction of victimization alternative, home brew aerial designs that can get us direct the heap ups and keep our QSO revenue enhancement overflowing during contests!

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Attic Antennas - Ham Radio Library

Attic antennas can work finer than you power think, some of mine work as well as their extracurricular counterparts (no I'm not comparing to a 150ft tower & big yagis). The RF financial loss are middling low in director and most craft at HF & VHF, most of problem comes from action with electrical circuit and ductwork. This creates deformation of patterns and sometimes high swr.

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Homebrew 6m 50 MHz antennas for amateur ham radio – DigitalHam

Showing matches 1 to 10 of 23The Hentenna was developed by Japanese 6 Meter Hams, JE1DEU / JH1FCZ/ JH1YST in the 1970's and can be designed and assembled for hf thru uhf and peradventure beyond! aft much experimentation, finally, the sensitivity was matured with better performance, however, it was difficult to explain why the operation was so good, or how it is worked au fond at that time. So it was onymous Hentenna, "Hen" instrumentation "strange" in Japanese. The antenna has bully carrying into action and many another advantages and it has embellish one and the same popular in Japan.

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N3FJP's Amateur Radio Software

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