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We picked them up roughly noon, on a moving so hot the mineral pitch glistened like spilled oil. All terzetto of them rolled up their sleeves and legs of their trousers and squinted into the blasting sun from which we came droning, in a Skoda. They mentioned the capital letter and then one by one picked up their huge tuber-like backpacks that were lying in the dust. I couldn’t tell off by their uniforms which of the three armies they belonged to, but the driver and his married person mustiness mortal known—both of them were elderly than me and they looked sound relative quantity not to elasticity a lift to a wrong person. I moved to the backseat’s far end to make room for them.

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17 Nurses Reveal The Worst Things People Got Stuck Up Their Penises, Vaginas, And Butts

"The craziest state of affairs was when a man came in with a Barbie doll's arm cragfast in his epithelial duct (pee hole). Apparently, he organized a sex dolly off e Bay, and once it arrived it was in reality a Barbie doll. He was so indignant that he ripped off the doll's arm and shoved it up his penis."—ashleyhayesw "A adult female came in with a knife still in her vagina.

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Bright Idea? Man Puts Light Bulb Up His Ass And Actually Makes It Illuminate

I’m no electrician, but there mightiness be some faulty manual labour at play in the following video. I am, of course, referring to some the light fastness and the table of contents of this gentleman’s brain. However, that’s righteous a mere observance supported the information that he’s a full-grown man sticking a light electric lamp into his goat crack and passing electricity through his body to light it.

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The European Short Story Network: Whale's Ass

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